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How to use herbal medicine for pain

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Health officials in the U.S. are recommending the use of herbal medicine to treat chronic pain after a similar case was reported last year in the state.

In the case of a 31-year-old woman in Ohio, she had been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition called fibromyalgia, but doctors didn’t have a good way to diagnose her condition, so they prescribed painkillers to try to ease the pain.

But then, she went to an emergency room for a second case of fibromyalgias symptoms that were getting worse, so her doctor prescribed her herbal medicine.

“It’s called botanicals,” Dr. Michael Laughlin, a doctor at the Ohio State University School of Medicine told CBS News.

“There’s a lot of research out there on botanical medicine, but there hasn’t been any published studies.”

But it turned out the herb was able to help ease her pain, so she took the medicine and she was able see improvement in her symptoms.

The next day, her doctor tested her to see if she was using the herb.

They found out she was, and she started taking it regularly.

Dr. Laughlin said the herb had been used for thousands of years in the ancient Chinese medicine.

It’s used in treating various ailments, from arthritis and diabetes to arthritis and cancer.

It also helps relieve stress and headaches.

“I think that the reason why we’re seeing so many people take it is because we have so many patients who are experiencing pain from fibromyromyalgia,” he said.

“When we treat fibromyagia patients, we have to treat fibroids, and we can’t treat fibrosomes.”

Dr. Michael Pfeiffer, a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, said there are a lot more uses for the herb than just treating fibromygias.

He told CBS NEWS that the main use for the botanics is for treating chronic pain in patients who have fibromycosis.

He said if you have chronic pain that you’re struggling with and you don’t know why, and you have fibroblasts that are trying to repair your injury, then it’s good to have these compounds that are able to repair the damage and to restore function in that area.


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