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How to learn Spanish using herbal medicine textbook

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Spanish-speaking students in Ottawa’s schools are learning the language in a way they haven’t been before.

The Ottawa Public Library has introduced a new herbal medicine text, called Herbal Medicine Textbook, that gives students a fresh look at some of the most popular herbal remedies and treatments, including botanicals, herbs, and home remedies.

The library said the text, which is part of a collaboration with the University of Ottawa, is available in English and French, and can be purchased for $3.99 through the Ottawa Public library’s online ordering system.

“The texts are not only about the medicine itself, but the philosophy behind the medicine,” said Liz MacNaughton, director of education and learning services for the Ottawa library.

The books include a glossary of herbal terms and a glossaries of popular herbal medicines.

Students can also watch video tutorials to get a feel for herbal medicines and learn more about the healing properties of some of these products.

“We wanted to make sure that students had access to this, that they had something that was affordable, and that it was easy to understand,” MacNoughton said.

She said the book is aimed at a wider audience, and also for people who may not be able to afford the full-price text.

“So the text is aimed more at people who can’t afford the traditional textbook, but might not be ready for a traditional text, because they might not have the same interest in learning the history of the herbs,” she said.

“They may not have a passion for it.

So the text can be helpful in that regard.”

MacNaughon said the library will continue to update the book and add new herbal remedies.


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