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How to make herbal tea in Indonesia

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Health workers in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, have been using medicinal tea to treat infections since they started working there a few years ago.

The government has started using medicinal herbal tea as a preventative measure for malaria, coronavirus and other infectious diseases, but the use of tea in other countries in Southeast Asia has been banned since it was banned in China in 1979.

In Indonesia, however, herbal tea is a popular option.

It’s often sold for around Rp.2,000 ($0.85) per kilo, which is roughly the same price as traditional tea in China.

It has a wide range of ingredients, including tea leaves, spices, fruit, and other botanicals.

According to the Indonesian health ministry, about 25,000 people die of malaria each year in Indonesia.

The government says it needs to save the lives of more than 10,000 malaria patients a day.

The health ministry estimates that about 10,300 people die from malaria each day in Indonesia, and that over 300,000 children under the age of five die from the disease each year.

The use of herbal tea was not an option for the Indonesian government when it launched its anti-malaria campaign in 2016.

At the time, President Joko Widodo had said that the country would be “stacked” on the back of herbal medicine.

According on his campaign website, “I am not against the use and the sale of herbal medicines for any reason.

But, in order to stop malaria we have to use our full capabilities, and we have no choice but to use medicine.”

“Our priority now is to use herbal medicine to cure malaria and to keep the country safe,” he said at the time.

The Indonesian government is using herbal tea to fight malaria in a number of countries in the region.

It currently has a global reach and is currently working with more than 40 countries.


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