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A herbal medicine cartoon series to feature a man in a red wig

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In this week’s installment of The American Conservatism podcast, I talk to David Huddleston, who wrote the script for a herbal medicine series for PBS called “Herbal Medicine.”

Hudds is a writer, director, producer, and actor who has done work with the CBC and HBO.

His books include The Art of the Craft: A Practical Guide to the Art of Dessertmaking and The Art and Science of Food: An Illustrated Guide to Modern Cuisine.

Huddls books have been published by the BBC, the CBC Publishing Group, and Penguin Random House.

His latest film, “The Art of Eating,” is out now.

David has been a producer and writer for PBS for more than 20 years, and is a graduate of The George Washington University’s School of Cinematic Arts.

In addition to his work on PBS, he has produced the PBS documentaries “The Secret Life of Pets,” “The Story of My Life,” and “Poverty in America.”

I caught up with David to discuss his new project, how he came up with the title of his book, and his favorite book for kids.

David Hurdstons new book “Herbals” is about herbal medicine.

He’s been a writer and director for PBS since the early ’90s.

He wrote and directed “The Herbals” which is a series of stories about the healing properties of plants.

In the book, you meet people who are doctors who use the herbs they use, and people who have to use herbal medicine themselves.

It’s really an introduction to herbal medicine and how it can help people.

In that series, there are also a lot of people that are using herbal medicine for things like chronic pain and anxiety.

David told me that he wrote the first story about herbalism, which is the first one that he’s ever written, because he wanted to create something that would have a bit of a nostalgic feel to it.

He started off by talking to the original herbalists, and talking to their stories, and looking at the history of herbal medicine, and the history and the people who had used it, and then it became the kind of story that he wanted it to be.

So, he started writing the first chapter, “Herbs,” and it was like a mini-series, and he said he thought, “Oh, that’s great.

Now I have this opportunity to do a whole series.

I want to tell these people stories, not just this one.”

He said that this was his way of saying, “Okay, I’m taking a stab at this.

I’m going to tell you about how herbal medicine works.

I think you guys will like it.”

So, it’s a kind of a modern, modern history of this stuff, but it’s not a traditional, traditional story.

He said he’s very happy with the way the book came out, and it’s been really well received.

He told me he wrote it about two years ago, and was just finishing up.

He went back to the writers room and just wrote more.

He is also going to write more.

There are some chapters about the evolution of the herbal medicine field, and about the early herbalist movement, and some more of the history behind the development of this herbal medicine stuff.

So this is a book that’s going to continue to evolve and grow.

He wants to do some other stories that will continue to expand his career.

His favorite book is “The Little Mermaid,” and his first book that he ever wrote, was about this book about his dog, called “My Dog.”

He wanted to do another book about this dog, and so he went back and wrote a whole chapter on his dog.

He was really excited to have a new story.

This is a great story to tell.

He thinks that there are so many different kinds of people out there.

He has a lot more stories he would love to tell about this stuff.

It just seemed like a natural fit.

We’ve seen this story play out with people who were using herbs, and we know that people have been using herbal remedies, and have used it for a long time.

But people who don’t use it are kind of missing out.

It was really nice to see this happen with people like David Huddle, and to have it play out like this.

David said he hopes that people will learn a lot about the history that we have with herbal medicine from this book.

I just think it’s very, very important to really dig into that history.

He also told me about the first book he ever got from PBS.

He loved that book, which was called “The Healing Handbook,” and he thought it was very funny.

He felt that it was kind of like a modern version of The Little Mermaid.

I guess he felt that, because it was about a woman who is a healer, and who was a healer herself. And he


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