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When I started this journey, it was a miracle

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The word herbal medicine has always fascinated me. 

From my earliest years, it has fascinated me with its power, healing power, and its power to inspire others to do the same. 

It has always been a word I have heard over and over again. 

But this journey has taught me more about the power of herbs than I could have imagined. 

I have discovered that the power to heal, the power that is derived from herbs, is something that many of us struggle with today. 

Today, herbal medicine is a huge part of my daily life and I want to take that power forward. 

As an herbalist, I have a lot of respect for the herbs that I grow. 

Many of them are my favourites, and I feel very grateful for the work that they do. 

However, this journey that I am embarking on, I think, is a little bit more personal. 

The first step was to find a family that was not afraid of me growing my own herbs. 

At the time I was a very shy person, so I had no family to be around to help me get started. 

So I went to a local tea garden and bought a bag of dried herbs, which were quite difficult to find in Korea. 

When I got there, I got to see how they worked. 

They were very simple and easy to grow, but I still felt very awkward growing them because I didn’t know how to use them. 

Eventually I managed to get some herbal herbs into my own hands, and they were very beneficial. 

That was a really positive thing for me.

The next step was finding a suitable place to grow herbs.

I decided to grow the herbs myself, but with the help of my mother, who was a farmer, and my grandmother, who is also a farmer. 

Her mother was an herbal medicine specialist, and she helped me to start my own herbal medicine research and education programme. 

Then I went out to the local tea gardens and found a place that was close to my house, and where I could plant my own plants and cultivate my own trees. 

This was the first step in my journey to becoming a holistic herbalist. 

My grandmother, a very strict herbalist and tea garden owner, had to give up farming for a period of two years because she was very worried about the health of her family. 

She was also very worried because she did not know what to do with her herbs. 

   I wanted to learn as much as I could about how to grow my own food. 

What I found was that there were many herbal medicines that were available in Korean, but they were not really affordable. 

We were living on a very small island, so there was no way for me to purchase all the ingredients that were needed to make my own tea. 

Luckily, my mother did have a very good friend who could help me buy ingredients, and we started our own herbal medicines. 

After this, I went back to my own garden and started growing my herbs. 

  I started growing a lot more herbs and I started experimenting with different herbs.

I started growing some of my favourite herbs like ginger, garlic, and rosemary, and also some new herbs.

 I found that many herbs were just too powerful for me, and some were very difficult to grow. 

   After I had grown some of the herbs, I started to find that there was more and more interest in growing my favourite plants. 

By now, I had started to notice that my family had a lot to learn from my herbal medicine. 

Some of my relatives started to ask me questions and talk to me.

They were very supportive, and it gave me a lot less anxiety about growing my plants. 

   I also started to take a look at the research that was being done by my grandfather, who had been an herbal healer for over 50 years. 

In my own research, I was able to discover that many people had tried herbal medicines, and that a lot had been proven to work. 

And so I started doing more research, and found that a variety of herbs were very useful in various diseases. 

For example, ginger has a lot in common with rosemary and many other herbs, and many people believe that the use of rosemary to help treat allergies and inflammation is very effective. 

  I then decided to do some research on some of these herbs and to see what their benefits were. 

  The research that I was doing also helped me understand the medicinal properties of other plants and the effects of various herb extracts. 

These herbs, along with my knowledge of herbal medicine and my herbal knowledge, led me to learn more about other herbal medicines and what the benefits of each of them were. 

   When I started studying more, I also discovered that some of them, like the red ginseng, which is an ancient Chinese herb, was also effective in treating chronic


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