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How to Get Herbal Medicine For Your Painful Joints

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Posted February 07, 2018 03:00:50 A new herbal medicine is being developed to treat the common pain associated with osteoarthritis and joint pain, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

The medicine, called herbal medicine for joint pain (MEJP), is being tested in the US and the UK and has the potential to provide relief for arthritis pain and joint swelling.

“This is a very exciting development for the medical community,” Dr. Sarah Bowers, an ophthalmologist and researcher at University of California, San Diego, told The Huffington Mail.

“We’ve seen some of these herbs as a pain relief agent in the past and have found some very promising results, but nothing has been proven yet.

This is a major step forward.”

Herbal medicine, commonly called a “herbal tea” or “herb extract,” was developed to help people get pain relief from their arthritis or other joint problems by mimicking the chemical processes of the body, Dr. Bowers said.

The herbal medicine comes from plants that have high levels of the enzyme shematopoietic stem cell (HSCC) and collagen, which are found in the joints of the human body.

The body’s immune system recognizes the molecules and uses them to fight off infections and inflammation.

When the immune system gets the chance to attack the molecules, they cause the immune cells to produce a protein called collagen.

The protein helps the body heal itself by making the tissues more elastic and less fragile, according the US National Institutes of Health.

ShematopOID, or human hematoprosthecal-derived protein, can be extracted from plant stem cells and then used to treat arthritis and other joint and joint-related problems.

She is often used in conjunction with a prescription pain reliever to help manage pain.

It is a plant-based medication, but Dr. Barbara Licht, a researcher at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, said it may also be effective in treating other types of arthritis pain.

“There are a lot of other things that we know are good at controlling inflammation, including steroids, anti-inflammatory agents, pain relievers,” Dr Licht said.

“These are all things that can work together.”

Hermaphrodites and other specialties, however, have long sought out this kind of treatment.

The Mayo Clinic published a guide in 2016 called “A Patient’s Guide to Herbal Treatment” to help patients find herbs that can help with pain and swelling.

Sheets of paper containing information on the treatments are also available on the site.

Dr Bowers has worked with patients who were diagnosed with joint pain who sought herbal remedies from a variety of sources, including the Osteoarthric Society and the American Academy of Pain Medicine.

She found there were about five herbs in total, including a mixture of herbs that are used in herbal tea.

“I think we’re going to see more and more herbs for arthritis,” Dr Bower said.

In addition to her research, Dr Busters and her colleagues are also working with a pharmaceutical company to develop a treatment for patients with pain associated, including osteoarthropathy, arthritis of the hip, and pain from multiple sclerosis, the Mayo Clinic said.

This treatment will be used to manage pain in people with osteopathy and multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Licht is hopeful the herb is safe.

“If we can figure out a way to make it as safe as possible for people with joint and osteoarticular pain, it will be an amazing advancement in medicine,” she said.

She said her team is working with FDA and pharmaceutical companies to develop new formulations of MEJP to be available to doctors in the future.

She also hopes the herbal treatment can help people who are currently taking a prescription drug.

“The fact that we can treat pain in the same way that we treat a lot more other conditions, like depression, is a huge opportunity,” Dr Sibra Licht told The Associated Press.

“It’s a real big step forward in terms of making the world a healthier place.”


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