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How to get a good quality, cheap herbal medicine in Zimbabwe

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By the time the next of kin are informed, the family can expect to receive at least $200 for their first dose.

That’s what happened to the family of one of the two Zimbabwean men who died after inhaling herbal medicine sold at a local clinic.

The clinic in the town of Mwembo was the scene of a recent police crackdown on herbal medicine sales.

The police confiscated several packets of herbal medicine.

A man named Chiyohuwiso was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

His family says the police had confiscated their medicine and confiscated their money.

The family says Chiyocwiso had been treated for several years with the herbal medicine and it was the first time he had been exposed to the effects of the medicine.

The family has filed a civil suit against the state and the local clinic for what they say was negligence.

“The herbal medicine is so expensive, it is impossible to pay the bills,” said Chiyo.

The couple, who had two children, were not aware of the risks associated with the medicine when they purchased it from a pharmacy in Mwumbo.

“We did not know what it is that we are ingesting, and if it is toxic, we are not aware that there is anything wrong with us,” said Mwumbi’s husband, Nwombwe Mwoma.

The Zimbabwean Health Ministry has released a statement saying that herbal medicine cannot be purchased in Zimbabwe without a license.

The Ministry said that it has taken legal action against the clinic, but is not able to provide any information regarding the circumstances of the case.

“I have a message to all health workers who buy herbal medicine: The use of herbal medicines should be considered an occupational hazard,” said Ministry spokesperson Michael Kavuluri.

The ministry says it has issued a warning to all medical professionals to be aware of their responsibilities when they are prescribing the medicine and to ensure that they properly explain what they are and are not doing with their patients.

“As far as I know, herbal medicines are only used for treating specific diseases.

Therefore, we urge health workers to be alert to the possible dangers involved in the use of the medicinal substances, and to report any suspicious occurrences to the health department.”

The government is currently investigating the matter.


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