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How to make herbal medicine that won’t taste like a salad

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In Chinese herbal medicine you can have a salad, but that won, as we’ve seen, tastes just like salad.

Now the Chinese have developed a way of using herbs in a way that’s not so sweet, salty or greasy.

The herbal medicine company says it is the world’s first edible, medicinal mushroom, which is made from a medicinal mushroom.

A mushroom is a tough, red, tubular growth that is usually edible.

It grows in a moist, humid climate and has a hard, white shell.

It’s used in traditional medicine as a medicine for diseases, particularly rheumatism.

In the case of the mushroom, it’s used to treat rheumatic diseases.

For the most part, the mushroom has been used as a medicinal substance for hundreds of years in China, but it is now being used to make a new, edible edible mushroom, called the herbal medicine mushroom, according to the company.

“Traditional medicine uses dried mushrooms in traditional Chinese medicine, but the mushrooms are dried, and they’re a little more difficult to get,” Dr Hu said.

Chinese herbal medicine is now available in more than 30 countries and the company hopes the product will eventually be available in Australia.

Herbal medicine is not a new idea, with a couple of brands including Goya and Yum, both of which are now selling their products in Australia, but there is no similar product in the US.

China is one of the biggest markets for medicinal mushrooms, with more than one billion people, including millions of elderly people, buying them.

But there are challenges with this product.

Dr Hu and his team said they had developed a method of growing mushrooms using only a small amount of water, and no chemicals.

They also added to the complexity of the process by using the medicinal mushroom as the base of a recipe that makes it a little less edible.

“It’s not like an edible food, it is not like a food that can be eaten raw,” Dr Paul Johnson, the chairman of the Department of Horticulture at the University of New South Wales, said.

“This mushroom has to be a little bit more complicated.”


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