When Your Doctor Can’t Treat You For Cancer – A Pharmacist’s Guide

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by Pharmacist Magazine article By Ph.

D. candidate in the School of Pharmacy, M.

Ed. and Pharmacy Pharmacy Specialist, Dr. Richard E. Gans, PhD, you can be assured that you are on your way to an optimal treatment plan and a happy life.

You can learn more about Dr. Ghan’s experience in pharmacy at

With over 30 years experience in this industry, Dr.-Ghan is able to offer an understanding of the many types of treatments that can be used to help you heal from any disease, including:Herbal medicine, herbal medicine treatment, herbal remedy, pharmaceuticals, and alternative medicine.

Dr. Gahan can offer an in-depth understanding of how to use these different treatments to help your body heal from cancer, cancer treatments, and other illnesses.

Dr.-Gahn’s clinical experience includes experience with a wide range of patients including children, adults, and senior citizens.

He has also been a faculty member of many research institutes in the United States, including the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute on Aging.

Dr-Ghan also holds a doctorate from Harvard Medical School.

In addition to his academic work, Dr-Gahn is the co-founder and president of The American Association for Cancer Research, a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching the causes of cancer and its treatment.


Ghan’s specialty is in the pharmacology of cancer treatment, and he has authored numerous scientific papers on the topic.

He also has published several articles in the peer-reviewed scientific literature on the cancer treatment drugs, including Cetirizine, a combination of two of the most popular chemotherapy agents currently used.

Dr Ghan is a licensed naturopathic physician, and has published over 1,600 papers and articles in peer-review journals on naturopathy, herbalism, naturopaths, herbal medicines, and complementary medicine.

He was awarded the American Academy of Naturopathic Medicine’s 2016 Meritorious Service Award.

He is also the author of more than 25 books and has written hundreds of scientific articles on natuals and complementary therapies.

Dr.–Ghan earned his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and his Ph.

D. from Georgetown Medical School in 1997.

He completed his master’s degree in pharmacology from the University of California, San Francisco, in 2002.

He received his medical doctorate and medical doctorates in naturoology from Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University, respectively.


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