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Next Big Futures article This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to China’s growing interest in herbal medicine, and we’re not talking about a handful of companies.

China has over 1,000 herbal products and more than 100 botanical medicines that are manufactured and sold by dozens of companies, according to China Daily.

There are hundreds of herbal brands sold in China, and a recent report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that herbal medicine is growing in popularity among consumers. 

There’s no shortage of herbal products in China and there are also companies that make herbal medicine that are not necessarily in China. 

In 2016, a Chinese company, Sunergy, became the first publicly traded company in the world to issue a stock offering.

Sunergy is the company behind herbal medicines, which include a variety of herbal remedies, including  bamboo tea and oolong tea.

The company says it’s also selling “green tea products” and “sugar pills” in China that are sold at some local supermarkets. 

“We’ve developed products that are available in many countries,” Sunergy CEO and co-founder Yan Hui told Next Big Things.

“But I think the most interesting thing is that our products are made in China because we believe that it’s the most cost effective way to supply the Chinese market.”

Sunergy has about $4.3 billion in annual revenue, according the company’s most recent annual report, and it has been expanding overseas.

Sunense, a subsidiary of Sunergy Holdings, has grown into one of China’s largest herbal companies, with sales in China totaling $6.5 billion in 2016. 

Sunergy has a lot of products that can be purchased in China without having to go through a licensed wholesaler, and there’s also a lot that is manufactured domestically, including a range of products including herbal supplements, herbal oil, herbal powders, herbal creams, and herbal capsules.

 “The market for herbal products is growing every year, and as more people become aware of it, they’re more inclined to buy it,” Yan Hsi told Next Future. 

China’s market for health products has also exploded in recent years, according a recent study by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Economic and Policy Research.

In 2016, there were 4.6 billion Chinese people with chronic diseases, and China is projected to surpass the U, UK, France, and Italy as the top three markets for chronic diseases by 2035, according to the study. 

The demand for herbal medicine in China is growing.

In 2017, China’s government issued new regulations that would allow consumers to purchase herbal products without having a license.

There is currently no requirement for a prescription, and the government has announced plans to regulate online sales. 

Despite these regulations, many Chinese people still buy herbal products at their local supermarket, and that’s where Sunergy and other herbal companies are making a big splash.

The Chinese herbal industry has also expanded internationally, and Sunergy’s brand has been featured on CNN, CBS, and MSNBC. 

According to Yan Hsu, the Chinese herbal market is very competitive.

“We’ve seen that Chinese herbal products are also selling well in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, so it’s not as if China is not doing well in other countries.” 

The company also offers a product called Shangshou 國肉霼, which is the official name of herbal tea.

It is made from the leaves of a plant called yin yang, which was traditionally used to treat anxiety.

SunEnergy sells this herbal tea, which costs $20 for a 100-gram bottle, and shares it with its Chinese customers. 

At the same time, the growing interest among Chinese consumers in herbal medicines is helping Sunergy grow in China as well.

“I think it’s very good for the market, and also for Sunergy,” said Yan Hsun. 

I think the health market in China has grown very quickly over the last few years.

People have been very interested in this market and I think it has a good future.” 

Sun Energy and Sunie Pharmaceuticals are just two examples of Chinese herbal companies that have found success in China’s booming herbal market. 

Currently, China has about 20 million people with at least one chronic disease, and they are increasingly looking to access alternative health treatments, like herbal medicines. 

This article originally appeared on Next Big Trends.


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