Montreal herbal medicine sold on Montreal Drugs website

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QUOTED BY AMY O’BRIEN, REPORTER: In recent months, a number of Montreal pharmacists have started selling herbal remedies online, with some of the sellers selling more than a dozen different herbal medicines.

One herbal medicine seller said he was surprised to find that one of the most popular herbal remedies sold online was the popular botanical, Pesto, which is also sold in pharmacies.

“I was really shocked when I saw it,” said Jean-François Dupont, a pharmacist in Montreal’s west end.

“It was a little bit different than other products, and I didn’t think it would be so popular.”

Dr. Dupont said Pestos “do not have any active ingredients, they don’t have any medicinal properties and are really just a flavouring, which are all quite generic.”

“You cannot buy this herbal medicine online,” he said.

“You can’t buy it in a pharmacy, you can’t get it in the mail, you cannot get it by prescription.”

You can only get it through a mail order service.

“There are two pharmacies in Montreal, so it would make sense that people could come in and buy the same medicine.””

We have an office in the east end and a pharmacy in the west end,” he added.

“There are two pharmacies in Montreal, so it would make sense that people could come in and buy the same medicine.”

Pestos are commonly sold in Canada, but the herb has never been federally listed in the U.S.

A number of the online herbal sellers are selling Pestoses online, but Dupont has found the products are usually not available in pharmacies or pharmacies in Canada.

He said some of them are marketed in China and Europe, which has never banned the herbal remedies.

“The Chinese are not going to stop selling these products because they can’t,” Dupont explained.

“So, it’s not the herbal medicines that we need to look at, but rather the Chinese herbal medicines.”

In Canada, many pharmacists and pharmacies have begun banning the sale of herbal medicines, including Pestoms, as the country moves toward legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and cannabis.

“It’s a problem, it can be avoided,” Dupondt said.


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