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Which herbal medicine is safe for you?

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More than a decade ago, a Hawaii court struck down a law that banned some forms of medicinal cannabis in the state.

Now, the state is rolling back the prohibition, and the medicinal market is booming.

The Hawaii legislature has passed the bill, which will go to Governor Neil Abercrombie, who has said he will sign it into law in January.

The measure, which takes effect on Jan. 1, allows doctors to recommend medicinal cannabis to patients suffering from a variety of illnesses.

The bill says that while medicinal cannabis has been proven safe, it does not mean that patients can get their medicine from any source.

It only allows patients to grow and use plants for personal use, including growing in their own home or in the home of a caregiver.

Hawaii’s medical marijuana program has expanded significantly in recent years, with the state seeing more than $100 million in revenue from the state’s tax revenue from recreational marijuana sales in January 2018, according to the state Department of Revenue.

There are now over 5,300 patients licensed in the island state who are authorized to use medicinal cannabis, said Daniel O’Malley, Hawaii’s medical cannabis program director.

They can receive up to 20 grams of cannabis per month and can only be grown in their home.

The legislation also includes provisions to increase the number of dispensaries and grow facilities in the islands and to allow for more than 1,000 new cultivators and dispensaries to open.

O’Malley said that he thinks Hawaii will be able to be competitive with the states in medicinal marijuana.

The islands are already leading in the industry and Hawaii is well-positioned, he said.

The state’s medical dispensaries are expected to receive $1 million from the tax revenue for the first time, and it could go much higher, according the Associated Press.

The governor’s office said in a statement that the bill was intended to ensure that the public has access to the medicine they need, and that it will allow more people to access the medicine while protecting the safety of the public.

O’Brien, the governor’s spokesman, said the bill does not eliminate all access to medicinal cannabis.

He said that it provides a mechanism for those who are experiencing a medical condition to access and cultivate their medicine.

The state will continue to allow cannabis for patients who are currently receiving treatment at the state medical dispensaries, O’Brien said.

The law does not change the way Hawaii will continue its medical cannabis programs, he added.


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