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From herbal medicines to herbal products, you’re likely to find some herbal medicines that aren’t covered by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

That’s because they are not considered drugs and therefore do not require a prescription from a doctor.

However, a small number of them are prescription medicines that contain a drug that is not in the list of drugs that are generally recognized as safe and effective for treating certain conditions.

Some of these include:1.

Nervosa placenta extract2.

Calendula root3.

Cacao nut oil4.

Cinnamomum nilotica extract5.

Methyl salicylate6.

Herbs and botanicals, such as cedar and pine, that are used in cosmetics7.

Aloe vera8.

Herbal remedies, such a teas and bath products, and bath and body products9.


Antifungal drugs11.

Other supplements12.

Vitamin and mineral supplements13.

Herb extracts and supplements14.

Other herbal preparations15.

Other botanical medicines16.

Herbarium and medical devices17.

Other plant products18.

Other dietary supplements19.

Nonprescription medical products20.

Other medicines21.

Other drugs22.

Other cosmetics23.

Other food and nutritional supplements24.

Other body care products25.

Other skin care productsThe list of herbal medicines can be a little overwhelming and it can be confusing.

Here’s what you need to know about herbal medicine to better understand how to choose the right herbal product for you and your family.1.

What are the main herbal medicines?1.1 What are some common herbal medicines and how do they work?

There are a few types of herbal medicine: herbal supplements and herbal medicines.

Some herbal supplements are sold as a combination of different herbs, such.

a herbal shampoo and a herbal facial toner.

Some herbs are also sold separately and sometimes sold as separate products.

Some brands of herbal supplements contain both the herbs and are sold separately.

Some herbal medicines contain a substance that is called a “bioactive” (i.e. a compound that is a natural component of the plant that helps the plant to grow and reproduce).

Bioactive substances can be either an ingredient or a product.

Bioactive ingredients are often used in conjunction with other natural ingredients.

Some products, such like some herbal teas, can contain both a substance and an ingredient.

For example, some herbal tea products are also called herbal extracts and they contain a combination (such as the teas tea and the herbal powder) of various ingredients.2.2 What are herbal products?2.1 How do they look?

Harmonium and other elements in plants can help to heal a variety of conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and more.

Some types of herbs can also help to treat certain diseases.

For instance, some herbs are used to treat headaches, fatigue, and other disorders.

For some conditions, herbs also can be used to help control certain types of pain.3.3 What are vitamins and minerals?3.1 Where can I find them?

Vitamin and mineral products are often sold as dietary supplements or as dietary foods.

They may also be used as medicines, especially for treating specific conditions.

Some of these products include:Bovine milk (Bovid) and bovine serum (Bisulfite)4.

Herba medica (Herbal Lactate)5.

Herblore (Hierophilus)6.

Biotin (Biotin)7.

Fructo-oligosaccharides (FoS)8.

Calcium pantothenate9.

Copper peptides10.

Vitamin C (Vitamin C)11.

Calenocoumarin (Calcium Chloride)12.

Bitter orange (Bitter Orange)13.

Bovine tannin (Amino Acid)14.

Beryllium salts15.

Boron (Boron)16.

Biosynthetic enzymes (Bioinorganic Synthesis)17.

Boric acid18.

Beta carotene (Beta Carotene)19.

B vitamins20.

B vitamin supplements21.

B-complex vitamins (B Vitamins)22.

B peptides23.

B12 (B12)24.

Calcineurin (Coccineuril)25.

BPA (Polychlorinated biphenyl)26.

Bactin (Phenylenediamine)27.

Chlorophyll (Cocoa)28.

Choline (Choline)29.

Citric acid30.


Diastereoselective antibodies (DIA)32.

D-actinone (Dextroflaxin)33.

DMT (DMT)34.

Dose-response inhibition (Dose-Response Intermittent)35. Elastin (


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