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How to grow medicinal herbal weed in your garden

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Medical marijuana in Canada has been legal since June of last year, but many Canadians still don’t know what it is, and what they can grow.

Here’s how you can get started.


Know your plant and what you can grow It is a good idea to know what your plant is, what it does and what it can do, said Andrew Beaumont, a plant and plant sciences professor at the University of Guelph.

That way, when you grow your own, you can make sure you know what you’re getting into.


Grow your own medicinal herbs There are several different types of medicinal herbs, such as herbs that have medicinal properties, and some have medicinal uses.


Find the best garden for your plant, with instructions on growing your own plants The best place to grow your plants, according to Beaumort, is in a greenhouse.

He said you should make sure the plants you grow don’t have pests, or problems, in them.

He recommends growing your plants in a shady location and adding water as needed.


Use natural pesticides to kill pests and diseases The pesticides are used for other purposes, such with chemical weedkillers.

Beaumount said you don’t want to use pesticides that are toxic, and they should only be used once or twice a year.


Choose the right growing temperature, which can be up to 100 degrees, depending on what kind of herb you’re growing.

If you are growing a plant that needs to be in the shade or outdoors, you should choose a temperature between 30 and 60 degrees.


Choose a suitable location for your growing plant The location for growing your herbs should be in a location that is good for your plants to grow, he said.


Find a good source of sunlight to grow Your plants should be growing in shade and at a temperature that allows for them to reach their full potential, said Beaumourt.

He added that you should avoid plants in pots that are too big.


Know the growing seasons of medicinal plants Beaumault said you want to choose a growing season that allows the plant to reach its full potential.

He recommended that you choose a season when your plants will be able to produce their full crop, or to make sure that you are not growing plants that will have to be removed to get them ready for the market.


Choose what you want your herbs to do, what you should expect out of them Beaumord said you can expect different things from your plants depending on their health, and whether they are going to help you with a medical condition.

If they are producing their medicinal effects, they should help you treat your pain and symptoms, he added.


Be aware of pests and disease Beaumton said if you are going for a medicinal use, you may need to pay attention to the pest problems that you’re encountering.

If the plants are not healthy, they may not be doing their job properly, he explained.


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